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12th March 2012

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Alright I was supposed to do this review on the 13th, because I was told that French Montana’s mixtape: French Montana - NY On Top: Year Of The Underdog was supposed to drop today. (Which it is, just later today and I couldn’t wait) However, in my waiting I listened to Frenchie of Bricksquad’s mixtape. I must say, I expected a good tape, but nothing better than his Concrete Jungle mixtape dropped earlier. This Mixtape is a classic and he really went in on it. The first 5 songs had me hooked and I knew this was going to be an ill mixtape all the way through.

Frenchie keeps that northern vibe to a Bricksquad mixtape that not many others can bring. I’m so happy to see him grinding out there in the mixtape game. It’s this type of hustle that keeps you on the streets mind. Just keep flooding the streets with new hot shit and you’ll get a response from anyone, especially me if it’s this hot. Now there were some songs I’m not that big of a fan of, but that’s just me. Others may vibe to it and that’s what I love about his work. It can bring other crowds around a good tape. Keep up the work Frenchie!

 After I review French Montana’s tape on the 13th I’ll review Whoo Da Kids on the 14th. I’m gonna start doing more mixtape reviews, that are more detailed in the near future so keep on the look out and follow da kid.

- Milesg2g 

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29th February 2012


My weird music dream lol

So I had a dream the other day, that I was a successful music producer. Not a mainstream producer, but living well very comfortably. I mean that’s the life to me, but in my dream I have a wife. And my wife is some fine ass college grad. able to take care of herself as well, but we make the same amount of money. For some reason in this crazy ass dream, I’m sent to a conversation my wife is having with some Harvard grad prick. It’s a guy and he asked my wife: “Why are you married to some music producing idiot? You make the same amount of money as him, but you could’ve married someone with a better paying and promising job. I mean he makes good money and all, but he’s not smart at all. He has no degree. You could do better.

This is the funniest dream to me in the world, not because I didn’t have an answer for the question, but because I woke up before I could answer it myself. But today, for some reason, today the answer came to me.

People that have jobs in art or art creation could be the smartest people on earth. Unlike other professional jobs in the world artists have to deal with sustained creativity. An engineer goes to school and is trained on what he/she wants to do in life. That knowledge is bestowed upon them and their educated with a degree in it. They then find a job where they play their role. That’s what they do, their job. Artist don’t have that. You can’t train creativity. It’s something that your either born with or you find in life. Even when people are trained and/or go to college for art, they don’t find jobs where that’s their role. Unless it’s like cooking lol. Other jobs your taught something and you go perform it.

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10th October 2011

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Allow me to introduce everyone to the first artist I’m working with and a good friend of mine. We looking to flood the streets with music in 2012 and hopefully more years to come. Definitely one of the Wavviest niggas I’ve met before, and for sure the dopest nigga in Atlanta right now. I hope to do a ton of work with him and start in January of 2K12. Son from Murderville, NY and he’s got something to say so  2K12 watch out for the wave. OwwwWWWwwwWwwWW


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7th October 2011



So in the past, before I had such a dope ass computer, I had all these beats I worked on and couldn’t finish because of the slow processing power on my old cpu. Since I’ve gotten my new computer I’ve, slacked off a ton of my old work and even new. I always find myself thinking, “I’ll finish this later” and then if I go out or see someone else with something I tell myself, “I should finish that beat so I can sell it” As if I have a certified customer or something. As much as I’d like to say I have producers block, I don’t. I simply can’t finish my music it seems. Yeah I’m still learning Ableton and what not, but it’s not that difficult. There’s a lot of tutorials out there and I always doze off or don’t have time for them. My only real legitimate excuse is college. It is time consuming and a priority, but I still feel like my work ethic towards my music is slowing up. I don’t I’m gonna go bang some mixtapes and zone out.



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26th September 2011

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Legal Ish

So I find myself trying to perfect and complete all of my music recently. As hard as it is to make music in general, I’m still learning the basics behind it. However, even when I finish learning that shit, I’ve gotta learn the legal issues behind the music. Why? Cuz I want bread for the music I make. I wish I could just make a beat sell it to someone and get profit, but it’s not that simple. Especially when I want to sample a shitload in the near future. I’m pretty sure I’ll just get me a sampling license or whatever it’s called, but it’s annoying.

A publisher is supposed to protect my beats copyrights and what not, which should be dope. I just hope it’s not like, no one can play my shit because of it. I want to be able to sell beats to Artist, DJ’s and even other producers. That’s my goal, so I guess I’ll just study business in school for now…

Anyway stay tuned I’m gonna work this legal ish out and try to flood em. ;)


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15th September 2011

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Milesg2g can’t catch a break

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14th September 2011

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Need New Headphones

Alright it’s been a while but for those of you who don’t know, I’ve gotten my new computer already. The music producing was going good at one point, but now I don’t have headphones. I’m in college now and I can’t find anytime to myself to just zone out. It’s annoying, but I need my college education I guess. Still I feel like if I could cop me a pair of Beats by Dr.Dre I’m good. I’ve got like 10 unfinished beats that are annoying the shit outta me, I know I can finish them, but I want to hear more sounds before I do. Someone buy me beats nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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20th July 2011

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Might drop a mixtape

I’m considering dropping a mixtape with Free beats to download dedicated to my followers and whoever cares. Probably like 10- 15 beats. Idk when though. If I do do it, I’m def. uploading it to So be on the lookout.

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5th July 2011

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My first 15 followers I will

name my first 15 instrumentals after you. That means 1 more follower can make the cut, hurry up and follow!

Nevermind took too long lol

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29th June 2011

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Building a laboratory

Well for those of you that read my profile description, I’m an aspiring music producer. I think it’d be cool if I could take my followers along with me in the process. I’ll post new beats, songs, and even future artist. Feel free to leave any type of feedback on music and progress with it.

Starting in about 2 weeks I should be playing around with sounds and beats. I’m still building my small studio.So, if you’re following me stay tuned, I’m gonna be grinding hard on this music for real.

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