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28th March 2013

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I’m back

It’s been a while I know, but I’m back. I’ve been doing so much between school and music. But I itend to keep you all posted on what’s going on over here. Go follow my Soundcloud:  

my Soundclick/Site:

I’m also going to stop playing other music on here. I’ll just keep you posted on my favorite mixtapes or what I’m listening to now. 

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13th December 2012


Christmas List


1. Midi Keyboard

2. Ticket to the A

3. Money to splurge at Lenox Mall

4. Ableton Live 9

5. Ableton Push

6. Left arm tat

7. Versace Shades

8. Eye Glasses

9. More RAM

10. Adventure Time DVD

11. My Ex Gf lol

12. 2nd TV

13. More Clients

14. Car

15. Ipod Chargers

16. New Laptop

17. Prada low tops

18. Team Pearl Hoodie

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3rd December 2012

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New Beat

New Beat:

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15th October 2012

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14th October 2012


My Absence


Ok so anyone on here that follows my twitter,may have noticed that I’ve been gone from my music. My laptop hit the floor, and  I had to get my computer repaired and that took up to 3 weeks for some reason. (Bullshit Service)

I’ve had some time to think and study so I’m ready to drop some new beats real soon. Stay Tuned 

Anyway new beats will be on the way stay tuned. 

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14th September 2012

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I wasn’t kidding

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10th September 2012




To all my fans, supporters, and friends please DL The Fall EP. It’s Free! lol I’m still working on some other stuff but check it out, rate and leave feed back thank you

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5th September 2012


The Fall EP is here everyone!
Milesg2g drops his first instrumental EP for the Fall of 2012. This EP is his first 5 trap beats ever made! 

The Fall EP is here everyone!

Milesg2g drops his first instrumental EP for the Fall of 2012. This EP is his first 5 trap beats ever made! 


15th July 2012


Time to Hustle

Since I’ve made my Soundclick and actually put out some of my beats, I’ve lost inspiration in my music. That’s probably because I’m still trying to figure out the site in it’s own and the whole marketing process of selling my music. Fortunately for me I’ve found some inspiration in my music, and I’ve decided that: I’m going to start dropping EP’s of my production!

My first one should be Fall I the trap based instrumental project, but stay tuned for many more coming from me. I’m probably gonna upload the EP’s to Datpiff and sell the beats through my Soundclick. Time to hustle! 

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10th July 2012

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My SoundClick is up! →

For those of you who didn’t know I’ve been so Idle from this site, because I’ve been more focused on my music. (A good thing) I finally put up my SoundClick and I’m just getting started on the production side. I can’t wait till it’s all said and done, if anyone wants to donate a Soundclick layout tell me now lol. But yeah there it is so tell me what you think of my music.

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