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3rd December 2012

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New Beat

New Beat:

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14th October 2012


My Absence


Ok so anyone on here that follows my twitter,may have noticed that I’ve been gone from my music. My laptop hit the floor, and  I had to get my computer repaired and that took up to 3 weeks for some reason. (Bullshit Service)

I’ve had some time to think and study so I’m ready to drop some new beats real soon. Stay Tuned 

Anyway new beats will be on the way stay tuned. 

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10th July 2012

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My SoundClick is up! →

For those of you who didn’t know I’ve been so Idle from this site, because I’ve been more focused on my music. (A good thing) I finally put up my SoundClick and I’m just getting started on the production side. I can’t wait till it’s all said and done, if anyone wants to donate a Soundclick layout tell me now lol. But yeah there it is so tell me what you think of my music.

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17th March 2012

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I’ve finally taken the time out of my day to listen to this Meek Mill mixtape Philadelphia Eagles 3… straight ill. Everyone already knows how talented Meek is lyrically, but man this is just ill. When I first saw the mixtape on Datpiff I looked at the comments, and people were complaining about MMG beats. People seriously, stfu. He’s apart of MMG of course he’s gonna go hard on their beats and promote their producer lol. Not to mention he went in on a other beats. The mixtape had a good enough variety of beats that not only he went in on, but the entire team did.

This mixtape is a promised jam session all throughout and I honestly recommend it to any new Meek fans. This guy has bars. He’s one of the most talented and raw rappers out right now. I’ve been listening to Meek since Flamers 2 and he really blew up around Flamers 3. I honestly think, he’s a beast and is very underrated. back to the tape though, nice mixtape. There’s a good amount of features on it including: Jeezy, Ross, Wale, Fabolous, Maino, TI, and more.

Good work Meek keep the grind up throughout the summer. I can’t wait for your album to drop and I hope it sells as good as it will sound. #MMG


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13th March 2012

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Chief Keef, a friend of mine told me about this guy and I’m actually a fan of him. He reminds me of Waka Flocka for obvious reasons, but he’s different. He’s from Chicago and I have to say I can see some potential in him in the streets. His mixtape: Back from the Dead consists of 12 songs, you can find it on

He’s not the most lyrical rapper, so I wouldn’t suggest him to just any hip hop fan. However, his songs and lyrics completely reflect his hood and the streets. If you’re looking for some raw street shit download this mixtape.  

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28th December 2011

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Harry Fraud

One of my favorite producers and huge sampling inspirations is producer Harry Fraud. He’s heavily underrated in my opinion, as far as rising and/or established Hip Hop producers. He’s done works with pretty much any notable Hip Hop artist in the game right now, but I picked up on him right around the time I started listening to French Montana.

Before listening to Mac and Cheese 2 I figured Big Mike produced not only Max B's songs, but French's too. I was pretty fucking wrong though. Harry Fraud is an amazing music producer that has produced some of my favorite songs for French Montana. You can almost say he’s one of the main reasons I vibe to French now.

Songs like Shot Caller, and Soul Food really show off his level of skill when it comes to sampling. The jazzy loop in Shot Caller is flawless and never gets annoying. There’s no other voices in the instrumental at all. Soul Food is different though, it has a little bit of voice in the instrumental, but not so much to the point where you feel suffocated by the song.

Ok I’ll stop talking about the guys obvious producing skills, but people have gotta learn to appreciate. Many producers in the game now are under the radar anyway, but this one my friends is a legend. He’s heavily underrated, and I think a shitload of people should hop on this Coke Boyz wave. He produces songs for most of them including French Montana and Chinx Drugz. So be on the look out for Harry Fraud people!

"La musica de Harry Fraud


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10th October 2011

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Allow me to introduce everyone to the first artist I’m working with and a good friend of mine. We looking to flood the streets with music in 2012 and hopefully more years to come. Definitely one of the Wavviest niggas I’ve met before, and for sure the dopest nigga in Atlanta right now. I hope to do a ton of work with him and start in January of 2K12. Son from Murderville, NY and he’s got something to say so  2K12 watch out for the wave. OwwwWWWwwwWwwWW


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7th October 2011



So in the past, before I had such a dope ass computer, I had all these beats I worked on and couldn’t finish because of the slow processing power on my old cpu. Since I’ve gotten my new computer I’ve, slacked off a ton of my old work and even new. I always find myself thinking, “I’ll finish this later” and then if I go out or see someone else with something I tell myself, “I should finish that beat so I can sell it” As if I have a certified customer or something. As much as I’d like to say I have producers block, I don’t. I simply can’t finish my music it seems. Yeah I’m still learning Ableton and what not, but it’s not that difficult. There’s a lot of tutorials out there and I always doze off or don’t have time for them. My only real legitimate excuse is college. It is time consuming and a priority, but I still feel like my work ethic towards my music is slowing up. I don’t I’m gonna go bang some mixtapes and zone out.



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20th July 2011

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Might drop a mixtape

I’m considering dropping a mixtape with Free beats to download dedicated to my followers and whoever cares. Probably like 10- 15 beats. Idk when though. If I do do it, I’m def. uploading it to So be on the lookout.

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5th July 2011

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My first 15 followers I will

name my first 15 instrumentals after you. That means 1 more follower can make the cut, hurry up and follow!

Nevermind took too long lol

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