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14th October 2012


My Absence


Ok so anyone on here that follows my twitter,may have noticed that I’ve been gone from my music. My laptop hit the floor, and  I had to get my computer repaired and that took up to 3 weeks for some reason. (Bullshit Service)

I’ve had some time to think and study so I’m ready to drop some new beats real soon. Stay Tuned 

Anyway new beats will be on the way stay tuned. 

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17th March 2012

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I’ve finally taken the time out of my day to listen to this Meek Mill mixtape Philadelphia Eagles 3… straight ill. Everyone already knows how talented Meek is lyrically, but man this is just ill. When I first saw the mixtape on Datpiff I looked at the comments, and people were complaining about MMG beats. People seriously, stfu. He’s apart of MMG of course he’s gonna go hard on their beats and promote their producer lol. Not to mention he went in on a other beats. The mixtape had a good enough variety of beats that not only he went in on, but the entire team did.

This mixtape is a promised jam session all throughout and I honestly recommend it to any new Meek fans. This guy has bars. He’s one of the most talented and raw rappers out right now. I’ve been listening to Meek since Flamers 2 and he really blew up around Flamers 3. I honestly think, he’s a beast and is very underrated. back to the tape though, nice mixtape. There’s a good amount of features on it including: Jeezy, Ross, Wale, Fabolous, Maino, TI, and more.

Good work Meek keep the grind up throughout the summer. I can’t wait for your album to drop and I hope it sells as good as it will sound. #MMG


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15th March 2012

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It’s finally here, the mixtape we all we’re expecting on the 11th of March, NY On Top: Year Of The Underdog. I’m probably one of the biggest fans of French and the CokeBoyz movement, however I must say I wasn’t too impressed with this tape at all. Big Mike became one of my favorite mixtape hosts from the Max B wave. Still, it’s upsetting how this tape was done. Everyone’s saying, “It’s just a bunch of songs that didn’t make the CokeBoyz 3 cut” Which may very well be true, but even so that shouldn’t be the vibe when you put out a anticipated tape.

It didn’t help that the date kept getting pushed back and keeping people out of the know. I feel like it could’ve been promoted better and delivered better. Then when it was dropped, Datpiff had a small little banner for it to download. Like wtf? how are we supposed to find this tape if it’s not on the “Hot this week” or “Being played now”? Unacceptable.

As far as the tape goes itself, it was “ok”. I think a lot of people expected like some grand epic ass tape, but it was really just an apatizer. In fact that’s exactly Big Mike was saying all throughout the tape. So for those of you (including me) expecting some dope ass crazy hype super new track mixtape, No. The greater part of this tape showed how versatile the CokeBoyz are on other tracks and their freestyle ability. It also gave people a chance to get to know the other parts of the team besides French and Chinx. I honestly thought it’d be on the same level of Mister 16 or Mac and Cheese. Unfortunately, it’s not and that’s unfortunate.

On the brightside of the mixtape, it shows that French and the CokeBoyz are looking to Flood the streets. Following this mixtape is the very anticpated CokeBoyz 3, followed by Cocaine Alumni: White Tape. I believe these 2 mixtapes will be the very best mixtapes of the summer. So the good thing is this isn’t the end of the Cokeboyz nor French and you know they’re gonna grind. Still, next time decide to do a apatizer mixtape surprise us. I think it’d make a better effect on the fans. People we’re expecting a 5/5 mixtape.

Big ups to the CokeBoyz, I’m still a 100% loyal fan, but I have to be honest and not bias. The Cokeboyz pretty much run NY right now, and for fans that don’t know or care about them outside of the North, you don’t want any mess ups. Can’t wait for CokeBoyz 3


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14th March 2012

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The mixtape that shutdown for about 3 hours has finally dropped and I have a hold of it. That’s right Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Allderdice is pretty satisfying. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting this good of a tape, but it’s def a 5/5. This mixtape seemed a lot more personal than his other mixtapes and that’s pretty good to see from Wiz seeing that he doesn’t hold back from anything. He didn’t have too many features on this, but the few he had were amazing collaborations and didn’t take away from the vibe of the mixtape at all.

Many people will never let go of Kush and OJ, but I think it’s safe to say this is on the same level as that legendary mixtape. The difference is the impact it’s had on his career. Every great rapper has that 1 mixtape that just defines and catapults them into fame and hype. It’s what you do with it and how you keep hustling that makes the rapper great. Wiz hasn’t stopped for a second since Kush and OJ, producing many hits and a lot of mainstream music. To be honest, I hated the mainstream Wiz. I didn’t consider him a sellout at any point, I just figured that was the music he wanted to put out. I was craving a another type of tape like his previous mixtapes. So, when he dropped this Mixtape I was hoping he delivered and he did.

Classic Wiz good work. 


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5th January 2012

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Mixtape Sequels of 2012

The new year is here and man what a year it was for Hip Hop in 2011. A ton of artists both old school and new school made good moves in the game 2011. I really wish I could’ve done a Top 10 Mixtapes of the year for 2011. Maybe it’s not too late, but who knows?

With all the good mixtapes from ‘11 floating around it leaves us question: What sequels we’ll see as this year progresses? Or better yet, which sequel are you more excited for? I mean lets think of the possibilities, here True Relegion 2? The Real is Back 3? Lebron Flocka James 4? Cocaine Riot 2? Concrete Jungle 2? Coke Boyz 3? Mac and Cheese 3? All impressive mixtapes of ‘11 that could possibly have sequels. So which are you more excited about? Which mixtape would you like to see do well?

Me personally, I’d love to see a Coke Boyz 3 and/or a Mac and Cheese 3 from French which has already been announced. I’d also like to see Gucci Mane drop a heavy mixtape sequel too. Idk Gucci Sosa 2? that’d be hype.

So which mixtape sequel are you most excited for this year?

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10th October 2011

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Allow me to introduce everyone to the first artist I’m working with and a good friend of mine. We looking to flood the streets with music in 2012 and hopefully more years to come. Definitely one of the Wavviest niggas I’ve met before, and for sure the dopest nigga in Atlanta right now. I hope to do a ton of work with him and start in January of 2K12. Son from Murderville, NY and he’s got something to say so  2K12 watch out for the wave. OwwwWWWwwwWwwWW


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8th August 2011

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New computer soon

That’s right I’m getting a new faster computer this week, which means ya boy is going to be making mad beats. First I’m start it off with my boy’s Mixtape, not gonna say the name till everythings done. But be ready for that waveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



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5th July 2011

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My first 15 followers I will

name my first 15 instrumentals after you. That means 1 more follower can make the cut, hurry up and follow!

Nevermind took too long lol

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